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Raleigh Insurance - Your Choice for Home, Auto, Farm & Commercial Insurance in Manhattan, Little River, Inman, and Lyons, KS

Raleigh Insurance is a family-owned, independent agency that has been providing superior insurance solutions to Kansas since 1965. As a family, and as a small business, we understand the importance of how your money is spent. Because we are an independent agency, we look out for your best interest, not the major insurance agencies; our goal is to find you the right blend of coverage and price for all of your insurance needs.

Commercial Insurance

Whether your need coverage for you business, employees or a specific industry you do business in, make sure you are covered. At Raleigh Insurance, we offer several different coverage options for your commercial needs such as Business Owners Policy (BOP), to Commercial General Liability. Contact us today to discuss your commercial coverage options to find a policy that works best with your needs. 

Home & Auto Insurance

The average American family spends upwards of 50% of their income on transportation and housing. We invest so much into homes and vehicles, why settle for generic, out of the box insurance? At Raleigh Insurance, we'll go the extra mile to find exposures and provide comprehensive home and auto insurance policies tailored to you. Protect your hard earned dollars with an insurance plan made for you.

Farm Insurance

Farming isn't a business, its a passion; we appreciate that farming isn't a clock in and out line of work. Owning and maintaining a farm involves serious committment and constant care. At Raleigh Insurance, we understand your committment and want to do everything we can to protect and help your passion grow. Let us discuss your day to day operations, potenital liabilities to create a custom farm  insurance policy that's perfect you.

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Meet Our Team

Lucas Raleigh
Lucas Raleigh


Terri Bornholdt
Terri Bornholdt

Crop Producer

Jackie Schafer
Jackie Schafer

Agent/Office Manager

Ashley Bornholdt
Ashley Bornholdt

Agent/Claims Manager



After going through two insurance providers over the last year and a half, I decided to give Raleigh Insurance a try. Since switching, I have received nothing but top-notch client care from the folks at Raleigh. The agents provide the benefits and knowledge of a big-time company, while also providing friendly and warm customer service. I would recommend Raleigh Insurance to anyone and everyone.


Raleigh Insurance, is a great local company always looking to help out their clients and communities they reside in. They do what they have to to get the job done, staying up late to get a claim submitted or whatever it might be Raleigh Insurance is the place to be.


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